Gentlemen’s Fight Club

Becoming a Gentleman: 5 Ways to Fight Like a Grown Man in 2022

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Did you know that the classy man is coming back? From the movie Fight Club to shows like Mad Men and Peaky Blinders, we have rediscovered our love for the “gentleman”. Indeed, this term has been used to describe a certain type of man for over two centuries. Back then, being a gentleman meant fighting with your fists and not your words. Times have changed though, and today’s gentleman is more than just a well-dressed fighter. A true gentleman knows how to conduct himself under any circumstances, which means behaving like a grown-up rather than an irresponsible child with raging hormones. And so, here are five ways in which you can become a true Gentleman in 2022 – without having to leave the game again!

Practice self-respect

One of the best ways to fight like a gentleman is by practicing self-respect. Being a gentleman is not about social status or money. It’s about having the self-respect to conduct yourself in a dignified manner. This means respecting others, as well as yourself.

Lead by example

When you fight like a gentleman, you set a good example for others to follow. You are a leader. You have a certain status among your peers, no matter if you’re the CEO of your company or the leader of your school’s football team. Fight like a gentleman and set the example for others to follow by fighting fairly, not using foul language, and not fighting in public.

Learn how to fight with your fists

Be it in an alleyway or in a boxing ring, fighting with your fists is a part of every gentleman’s arsenal. Today, you can find various self-defense or martial arts courses that teach you how to defend yourself without firearms or weapons. Learn how to throw a proper punch without injuring your knuckles or hand. Adequate cardio training is also crucial when it comes to fighting. In order to fight like a gentleman, you have to be in good shape. You have to be able to defend yourself but also run away from danger if necessary.

Keep your word

A true gentleman keeps his word. If you make a promise, you have to stick to it. People who keep their word are trustworthy, have good reputations, and are seen as more credible. If you have ever given your word to someone, you know that it can be a very powerful feeling. It is a promise that you make to another person. When you make a promise, it means something to you. When you keep your word, it means something to the people who you promise it to.

Show empathy for others

Being a gentleman means showing empathy for others. Being able to put yourself in the shoes of others is a great way to fight like a gentleman, as you will be able to understand their needs and desires. This will allow you to relate and act in a way that will please everyone around you. Empathy is such a beautiful and powerful trait. It allows us to see the world from various perspectives. It allows us to understand different people and cultures. It allows us to connect with others and be their friend. This is one of the most important ways that you can fight like a gentleman. If you can empathize with others, you will be able to understand their situation and have compassion for them. You will be able to work with them and be a positive force in their lives.


Fighting like a gentleman means being a good person and setting a positive example for others. It means protecting and promoting the rights of others, even when those rights conflict with your own. Most importantly, it means always putting your words into action. So if you want to fight like a gentleman in the future, start being one today.

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